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How to Pre-Order your Products:

Congratulations on passing your notary exam!
You will receive a certificate that shows that you
have passed your notary test and you’ll need to 
upload it along with the other required documents
to the Ohio Secretary of State’s website: 
The Secretary of State will process your application 
and if approved, your notary certificate will be issued 
and sent to you showing your name as it should appear
on all notarizations and the commission term limit
which is 5 years from the date it was issued.

In the meantime, you can shop and purchase your
products in advance.  Select your items and answer
that you do not have your certificate from the 
Secretary of State.  Please contact us after you
have received your certificate to complete the order
process. We will need your name exactly as it appears on
your certificate along with your expiration date.

Email:  sales@ohionotarystore.com
PH:  (330) 745.2300